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The Perfect Setting for You to Relax and Focus on Your Relationship.

At these fun gatherings, you will have a combination of group time and private couple time where you learn valuable techniques that will help you to take your relationship to the next level.

About Your Hosts

Jerry & Tara McColgin will be your hosts and facilitators for your retreat. They have worked with couples across the country on a variety of marriage related issues. Their coaching style is one of clear direction coupled with encouragement. In their 40+ years of marriage, they have encountered and overcome a wide-variety of challenges from financial hardship to the loss of a child. Through these, they have learned to listen to and rely on God even in the toughest of situations. Their transparency will benefit you as you work on your own relationship.

During your retreat, you won’t spend too much time talking about the past.  They’re going to focus on where you would like to be as a couple and help you to put tangible plans in place to get there.  It’s about looking forward, not backward. If you are committed to your relationship but feel you want to take it to the next level, Jerry & Tara McColgin are the perfect coaches for you. 

What Couples Say...

“God did not design marriage to be dull or boring. Unfortunately however, our culture continues to paint marriage in such a negative light. Jerry & Tara share practical insights from their own marriage and years of marriage ministry that can help all couples, whether newlyweds or 50-year veterans to have the beautiful, fulfilling marriage God had in mind.”

Jill M.

Jerry and Tara McColgin truly love the Lord, each other, and other people. They helped my wife and I identify some blind spots in our marriage that were holding us back. They showed us to start looking forward instead of backward: Where do we want to be? What does our ideal marriage look like? What can we do individually to get there? What Rules of Engagement have we agreed on in advance for when we have disagreements or conflict.

J. Crabtree

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