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Marriage Resolutions 2019

None of us should be complacent with where we are in our marriages. No matter where you are in your relationship, there is always room for improvement. Don’t stress about transformation that needs to take place overnight, take the long view.

Thankful for my wife

During this season which we’ve just endured, I’ve both prayed with my wife and for my wife. And I know that she has done the same for me. It’s hard to imagine feeling any closer to her than I do right now.

Confidence over Comfort

While we want to be comfortable around our spouse, it’s important to realize that it is a fine line between comfort and complacency.

The Golden Rule of Marriage

…a slight revision to the Golden Rule that applies to marriage. It goes like this “Do unto others (your spouse) as they want to be done unto”.

No Marriage is Perfect

  I work with people in various levels of marital distress. I like to think that I provide them with Godly counsel and practical advice on how to make their situation¬†better. But the key here is the word – “better”. I didn’t say “perfect”. I… Read More »No Marriage is Perfect