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Jerry really helped us to see our marriage from a new perspective. We had gotten busy with life and began neglecting each other. I’ve learned to appreciate my wife all over again. It’s like being a newlywed, only better!

John R. – Carmel, IN

Many couples never consider seeking outside advice until it’s too late. Many counselors will tell you that by the time couples come to see them, at least one spouse has already determined to end the marriage. It doesn’t have to be that way. Most marriages go through rough periods, many others struggle with boredom and complacency.

Jerry & Tara McColgin are not your typical marriage counselors. In fact, they’re not counselors or therapists at all. Jerry is a degreed engineer and Tara a degreed social worker. After leaving the corporate world, Jerry owned a consulting company for nearly 20 years where he worked with executives across a number of different industries. He came to realize the root cause of most business problems were not found on spreadsheets, but rather in issues dealing with personal relationships. In addition, he worked extensively with cross-functional teams helping them to overcome issues in communication, goal setting and high performance teaming.  Likewise, Tara spent years working with women on the unique challenges of balancing life in the areas of career, marriage and motherhood.  It turns out that God was using their entire professional careers in preparation for this calling to marriage ministry.

In their nearly 40 years of marriage, Jerry & Tara have experienced a wide variety of situations from extreme joy to tragedy. They have learned that no matter what life throws at them, they need to pull together and work toward a common vision. 

You won’t spend much time talking about the past.  They’re going to focus on where you would like to be as a couple and help you to put tangible plans in place to get there.  It’s about looking forward, not backward. If you are committed to your relationship but feel you want to take it to the next level, Jerry & Tara McColgin are the perfect coaches for you. 

Marriage coaching can help you to identify and correct issues before they become overwhelming. Shocking Marriage offers marriage coaching in three formats – Live in person, Live (via Zoom) and through online courses.

In Person & Zoom Coaching

Marriage Coaching on Zoom

Schedule a no-obligation, FREE, 30-minute session with us to see if you would benefit from further marriage coaching. It’s important that you feel comfortable with our suggestions and approach.

Online Courses

Online Marriage Coaching Courses

We offer a series of topical, online courses that you can complete with your spouse. Each of these is targeted toward a different issue commonly faced by married couples.