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Book for improving your marriage

Marriage is tough work. Even the most determined couples run into times where things get stagnant. The average couple falls into complacency much quicker. This book will help you put a framework in place to keep things going strong. Learn how to fight fair, keep the spark alive and even improve communication. Couples around the country have benefited from putting these techniques in place. This is one book that will benefit your marriage for a lifetime!

This book is perfect for couples to work through together or for small groups to use as a part of a marriage study. Discussion guides are included for both.

Available in hardback, paperback and Kindle.

Book for engaged couples

You’ve spent months planning your wedding, now what about the rest of your life?

Marriage is one of the most important commitments into which you will ever enter. If you and your fiancé are Christ-followers, it makes sense to know what God’s design for marriage looks like and to create a relationship that honors Him.

Beyond the Celebration will lead every couple through the essential steps of planning a life-long marriage. From questions to ask prior to the ceremony to life-tested techniques guiding you through the years to come, this book is the essential pre-marital guidebook.

Authors Jerry McColgin and Lou Rodriguez have worked with hundreds of couples both through pre-marital counseling and post-marital support. They’ve incorporated wisdom gained from these couples’ struggles as well as joy in their triumphs. Jerry and Lou also impart lessons from each of their thirty-plus years of marriage.

Your wedding day is just the beginning. Your marriage should get better every day from there!

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Now Available as an audio book on Amazon, Audible or iTunes!