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Retreats FAQ

A. Our in-home retreats are offered primarily as a ministry rather than a revenue generating service.  Having said that, there are costs associated with hosting a couple for two nights.  The cost includes such things as meals, refreshments, and supplies. As long as we cover these costs we can continue to offer these retreats. However, we understand that some couples that could benefit from such a session, might not be able to cover the full cost. Others may choose to donate beyond their cost to enable other couples to attend future retreats. We don’t want to turn anyone away for financial reasons.

A. We estimate that between five meals, refreshments, supplies and other miscellaneous items the cost is roughly $300/couple/session.

A. We have couples that may have gone through the program or just want to pay it forward for another couple that would benefit from a retreat. In these cases, they pay the $300 for that specific couple to attend. If you are interested in sponsoring a specific couple, please contact us to make the arrangements.

A. We have some churches and other individuals that believe so strongly in the program that they have donated money toward a general scholarship fund. When we find a couple that would benefit from the session, but are not financially able to cover their own costs we apply this money toward them.

A. As we’ve mentioned, there are costs associated with hosting couples. Food and supplies must be purchased before the weekend takes place. The $50 assures us that the couple is serious about attending.  At the end of the session, they will get their deposit back (or can choose to put it toward their donation).  If they don’t show up for the retreat, their refund is non-refundable. If a couple cancels two weeks before the scheduled retreat, they can either reschedule for a future date, or request a refund.