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Marriage Coaching North Carolina

Don’t Assume the Worst

Some people are naturally optimistic and some fall more toward the side of pessimism. It’s just the way they are wired. These perspectives seep into all aspects of life, and marriage is not exempt. Optimists see a bright future for the relationship with opportunities abounding.… Read More »Don’t Assume the Worst

happy senior couple hugging in autumn park


I love the word appreciation. It has a wide range of specific meanings, all revolving around the concept of value. Items of value increase in worth over time. If you buy a house, it typically appreciates over time. You sell it for more than you… Read More »Appreciation

Change is a Powerful Thing

This whole experience has been a mixed blessing for our marriage. The move itself was trying and I know we frustrated each other with our different styles and approaches to the project. But far more important is the blessing that we are now experiencing as we explore and discover the new area in which we live.