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Science proves you can stay in love…

There’s a fascinating study out of Stony Brook University in New York that did brain scans on couples married over 20 years.  In many cases individuals can really be in a state of passionate love that was long thought to dissipate after a brief time together.  Check out the full article here.   My favorite quotes from the article:

The authors recommend that marital therapists not dismiss romantic love as a possible and desirable outcome in a marriage—as opposed to just aiming for conflict -resolution and better communication skills.

Aron’s other research has led him to believe the most successful couples are those in which partners help each other expand their ideas of themselves. He also notes the couples who were still in love reported having sex frequently (adjusted for age, natch) although it’s not clear whether this is an expression of their undying passion or a cause of it.

Envy about others’ more epic love-stories aside, the study is good news for fans of long-term marriage of any type: “Romantic love need not be replaced with companionate love,” says Acevedo. “Both can co-exist.”

What do you know.  We’re not as far out on a limb as you might have suspected!  That’s shocking.

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