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It’s Fun to Banter

Tara and I were checking out at the grocery over the weekend.  We love to banter in a playful manner.  But the effect it has on onlookers (in this case the cashier) is always fascinating.  Case in point…  The cashier asked to see Tara’s ID (now required for everyone in IN if you want to buy alcohol) as she was scanning a bottle of wine.  After she looked away, I told Tara, “she didn’t look at that ID very long…”  Tara replied with “What was that?” to which I gave my standard reply “Nothing Dear”.  The young cashier looked up at me to see what my intent was.  I winked at her and told her that was one of the secrets to staying so happily married for 32 years… the ability to say “Nothing Dear” without losing a beat.  She laughed.  Tara told the young lady that I’d be paying, to which I responded “Wait… she’s not my wife, I’ve never met her before.  All I want to buy is this one can of beans.  I think she’s trying to pick me up or something.  Come to think of it, she’s kind of hot.  I think I will go home with her.”  

The content of the banter is not important, it’s the tone and playfulness.  I have no idea if this young lady is in a relationship, comes from a broken home or what her views on marriage are.  But for a few moments, she saw and heard a couple that’s been together a long time being playful and flirting with one another.  Not in an icky, PDA / TMI sort of fashion, but just in a fun, positive light.  As she handed us the receipt, she looked at us both and said “I love your relationship”.

It seems we see couples in public in one of two ways.  Young and physically all over each other, or old and bored of each other.  Without any intention of doing so, we set a positive example for one young cashier for how marriage can be over the long haul.

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