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Ok. When it comes to creating and maintaining a Shocking Marriage, the key is Intentionality. That’s it. It’s really that simple. Think about it. We get better at those things in life that we are intentional about. If you want to improve your golf game, you take lessons and you practice. You carve time out of your week to do so. intentional imageAnd low and behold, you see your scores decreasing. You want to successfully complete a challenging project at work? You muster your resources, put in the extra hours, develop creative solutions and Bingo. You’ve achieved.

So why is it that when it comes to marriage, so many fall into the trap of “marriage happens”? They invest minimal time and  energy into the relationship, then wonder where the “magic” has gone. You wouldn’t consider walking into your job holding a cup of coffee and saying “I’m here – isn’t that enough?” And yet, how many treat their marriage exactly this way?

It’s really not that tough folks. The things in life we focus on and put energy toward generally get better. If you’re in a ho-hum marriage, ask yourself “How much time have I spent trying to make my marriage better of late?” What you typically get out of something is directly related to what you put into it. If you’re bored – Do Something! Plan a date night. Surprise your spouse with an unexpected gift. Do a chore or task that you know they hate doing. Have a meaningful conversation over dinner.

Just being there is not enough. You need to be intentional.

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