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In-Home Marriage Retreat

We recently had the opportunity to host our first in-home marriage retreat. The feedback was outstanding (as you can see in the embedded videos) and a good time was had by all. This fall we will be hosting marriage retreats in a lovely conference center nearby. Whereas an in-home retreat consists of no more than three couples, the conference center can host up to twelve.

Benefits of Attending a Shocking Marriage In-Home Retreat

An in-home marriage retreat is much more intimate than a traditional conference center retreat. With only one or two other couples present, you get a lot more individual attention that you do in a larger setting.

You may feel more comfortable raising personal questions or issues in a smaller setting.

There is scheduled couple on couple time with the facilitators where you can talk about topics or issues specific to your marriage.

You have the opportunity to input food and beverage preferences prior to the session.

The smaller group allows for a flexible schedule. If more time is needed on a certain topic, it can be spent. If a topic runs faster than scheduled, other value-added discussions can be included.

You will be pampered with luxury accommodations, meals, snacks and other amenities.

Don’t think that marriage retreats are just for couples “in trouble”. Our in-home retreats are targeted toward any couple that wants to invest in their marriage. They are about looking forward, creating a vision for the future and learning new tools and techniques to make forward progress easier. Sure there’s an investment required, but the return on that investment is priceless. Want to learn more? Click here

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