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Marriage Culture

We have one son that is coming up on his first anniversary, and another son due to be married in a week.  In both cases its been fun to listen to the situations that they anticipate that would be stressful.  “My family always does this…”,… Read More »Marriage Culture


How often do we find ourselves frustrated with our marriage; specifically with our partner?  “I swear, if she does that one more time, I’m going to scream”, or “He won’t get his lazy butt off the couch, I could really use some help”.  We complain… Read More »Insanity…….?

Marriage is an investment

Ever notice how some people pour over their financial portfolios?  They regularly check their stocks and funds to determine the rate on their return.  If over time they notice that a given strategy is diminishing in its effectiveness, they make adjustments, transferring funds from one… Read More »Marriage is an investment